Sunday, August 21, 2011


She lit up my world, that girl. She came no higher than my hip, and eyes that begged for just a simple smile. I met Jane the second day we were at Canaan. To be honest, I was scared to grow fond of any child there because of the heart ache I knew would come when we were to say goodbye. Richard and I had already formed a relationship and I was terrified to find myself falling in love.
One day Brooke (my roomate) was standing outside holding her precious Liti showing that baby more love than I've ever seen anyone express- and then- I saw her. Her big eyes and perfect smile, and I couldnt fight the urge I had to pick her up. As soon as we touched, I felt that in my arms is where she was always meant to be. Twenty minutes after that wonderful connection, the girl was knocked out, drooling on me. I loved it. That baby slept more than any child I came into contact with!
That week my heart grew fonder of Jane. She would wait outside the house for me to pick her up, she would press her cheeks against my lips to feel my kisses, she sang to me, laughed with me, and comPierrot took over my world.
Never angry, nor sad, and she had malaria the whole time I was there. Her cough broke me in half, but her spirit built me back up. I love that child more than most people I've ever known. We will be together again

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